Exposure Visit to Planetarium

Date: 13-Mar-2022

Location: Pondicherry

The Access students were taken to Dr. Abdul Kalam Science Centre & Planetarium (also known as Puducherry Science Park) on 13 March 2022. Around 100 Access students were part of this exposure visit. Students were divided in groups and they were accompanied by Access teachers to help the students in understanding the concepts displayed in the Science Park.

Firstly all the students were taken to Science Park where many experiments and simple concepts which the students had studied in their books were displayed. All the students were asked to operate the equipments and learn the concept. This practical application helped the students gain more knowledge in basic science. All the students were then taken to fun science park where it was play-way learning. The Energy Education Park where the students visited had many equipment that operated with the help of solar energy.

Students were then taken to Digital Planetarium in batches and it helped the students to grasp abstract astronomical concepts and sparked enjoyment and interest in science. Students enjoyed a lot and learnt very useful aspects in the digital planetarium. It was a new exciting experience for them to sit in the digital planetarium and learn about the solar systems.

Then all the students were taken to Marine Life where all the details about underwater living beings were displayed. Students were taught about, Under Sea Mining, Marine Farming, Genesis of Ocean, Endangered Species , Light in Ocean, Marine Mammals, Marine Ecosystem, Pollution in Sea, Life in Oceans, Frozen Seas , Fish Diversity, Power from Ocean, Watery Planet, Changing Sea Levels

The visit helped the Access students to learn wonderful aspects about Marine Life, Solar Systems, Fun Science and Science Park.  More exposure and knowledge was gained by the students after seeing many useful concepts in the planetarium and also after seeing the types of trees and plants in the garden. All the students said that this trip was very useful to them and they will make use of this trip to augment their knowledge about science and nature.


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