SARVAM Foundation and Annual Day Celebration

Location:SATYAM Centre, Poothurai village, Villupuram District, Near Puducherry

For the last 14 years, Sri Aurobindo Rural & Village Action & Movement (SARVAM), the integral rural development initiative of Sri Aurobindo Society, has been carrying out various educational and empowerment activities. From one village, its outreach now covers 20 villages and more than 20,000 people. On February 2, 2019, SARVAM celebrated its Foundation and Annual Day at the SATYAM Centre, Poothurai village, Villupuram District, Near Puducherry

With the students, coordinators, volunteers, staff and teachers present, the celebration began as the programme entered into its 15th year of existence.

The programme began with a meditation, followed by the lighting of the lamp and offering of flowers to express deep gratitude at the feet of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The hall was decorated beautifully with colourful and fragrant flowers. At the occasion, some deserving coordinators and volunteers were honored for their selfless service to the organization. It was also an occasion to look forward to the future with all its opportunities and challenges. The SARVAM family together pledged to take the work of rural development with the Mother’s words:


“HIGHER, ever higher! Let us never be satisfied with what is achieved, let us not stop at any realisation, let us march always onwards, ceaselessly, energetically, towards an ever completer manifestation, an ever higher and more total consciousness. . . . Yesterday’s victory must be only a stepping-stone to the victory of tomorrow, and the power of the day gone by a weakness beside the effectivity to come.”


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