SARVAM’s Anniversary Celebrations

Date:18-31 January, 2024

Location:Satyam, Poothurai









Many programs are being conducted for community members in commemoration of Sarvam’s annual day, which begins its 20th year on February 2nd 2024. Sarvam’s annual day holds great significance as it celebrates the achievements of the organization over its 20-year history. It also provides an opportunity for the community to come together and engage in various activities and programs that foster unity, entertainment, and knowledge sharing. This milestone anniversary further highlights the positive impact that Sarvam has had on the community and serves as a reminder to continue working towards a better future.

Appreciation function for the adult athletic program:

An appreciation celebration for the elderly women who participated in the state-level athletic competition was held in a hall in Kootroad, presided over by the union chairman and panchayat president on 20th January.

The Tamil Nadu Masters Athletic Association hosted a state-level athletic competition for nearly 2000 individuals, including 130 ladies aged 55 and more from Sarvam.

This program offers a number of sporting competitions for participants.  More than 2000 adults (aged 40 to 100) from 30 districts in Tamil Nadu took part in the program. The program was held in Tiruvannamalai for three days, from the 15th to the 17th of December.

The sporting activities featured over 130 women from our Sarvam Villages, aged 55 to 85. Despite their lack of sports training, they obtained 59 medals.

Sarvam hosted a celebration for the aforementioned 130 women, honouring them with appreciation and gifts.

All joyfully shared their experiences and requested to conduct more of these kinds of activities because it has enhanced their confidence.

During their speeches, the union chairman and panchayat president both expressed appreciation for and supported the women. The sports trainers were also presented with presents.

Sarvam served everyone with tea, snacks, and lunch.

Food kit distribution for 400 vulnerable people:

Food kit worth of Rs.500 was given to 400 vulnerable people in the refresher program conducted by Sarvam at Satyam on 21st and 22nd January 2024.

In honour of the 19 years of support Sarvam has received from vulnerable people, Sarvam organized a refresher program as well as a thanksgiving program for them on 21st and 22nd at Satyam community centre. The thanksgiving program serves as a way to express gratitude and show appreciation for the support that Sarvam has received over the past 19 years. It allows the organization to acknowledge the contributions of vulnerable people and celebrate their resilience and dedication. It also aims to provide a sense of community and support, reinforcing the message that their presence and struggles are not forgotten.

In addition, for the past 19 years Sarvam has provided emotional support, counselling, and access to resources for vulnerable hearts, helping them navigate their personal challenges and improve their overall well-being. They have offered mentorship programs, vocational training, and employment opportunities, empowering individuals to gain independence and stability in their lives. Additionally, Sarvam has created a safe environment for vulnerable hearts to share their experiences and feelings, fostering a sense of belonging and providing them with a supportive community.

As part of the program, vulnerable hearts shared how Sarvam has helped them overcome obstacles and contribute to their lives in a variety of ways. They have blessed Sarvam and requested that their efforts continue for many years.

At the end of the session, food kits were delivered to the disadvantaged women, and they all returned delighted.

Food Kit Distribution to the 100 palliative care patient families:

A food package costing 500 Rs. Was distributed to 100 families of palliative care patients.

Around 100 palliative care patients have been identified in Sarvam project villages, and they receive frequent assistance from the Sanjeevan team and Sarvam volunteers.

Their situation is not only a matter of palliative care, but they also belong to poor families’ Inadequate palliative care can have severe long-term consequences for individuals and their families. Without proper care and support, individuals may experience increased pain and suffering, while their families may struggle with the emotional and financial strain. This can also lead to higher levels of stress and desperation, further exacerbating the poverty and marginalization experienced by these families.

Sarvam tries to help them through volunteers to provide mental support, resources, and healthy powders on a regular basis. Regular provision of resources is important because it ensures that the individuals receive ongoing support and assistance in maintaining their mental well-being. By consistently providing them with healthy powders, Sarvam helps them incorporate nutritious practices into their daily lives, contributing to their overall health and wellness. Additionally, the availability of mental support and resources offers them a continuous lifeline of help and care, ensuring they have access to the resources they need whenever they need them.

With this in mind, 100 families received the food kit this time, and Sarvam was heartily appreciated. Sarvam continues to aid these families in many ways.

Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme (WEDP) for women entrepreneurs:

On January 24th, around 200 women entrepreneurs received entrepreneurial skills training to increase their present revenue generation activities at Satyam.

In the past, the women received skill training from Sarvam, as well as a loan to begin income-generating enterprises in a variety of disciplines.

The trainer outlined new trends in the tailoring sector and introduced the women entrepreneurs to new machines on the market that can stitch more outfits.

The trainer presented new marketing methods to be used in the petty shop sector, as well as how to increase their income and business using real-world examples.

To assist women entrepreneurs throughout the year, the trainers’ materials were collected and assembled into a handbook.   It was granted to women entrepreneurs and can be used throughout the year.

After the program, all of the women entrepreneurs were happy and confident. The epidemic prevented them from attending training for more than a year.

After hearing the success stories of numerous women entrepreneurs, many new and aspiring women in the village expressed an interest in attending the training and becoming future women entrepreneurs.

Women Refresher and Empowerment program for 100 women from different sectors:

On January 25th, around 100 women participated in the program. The Integral Village Development Programme has been regularly conducting training workshops for the women. These workshops have been very successful, as evidenced by the positive life being carried out by the women.

This training session gave the women a space to think about and discuss various concerns. The programme began the conversation by emphasizing the importance of initiative and harmony in thought and action. They reviewed their various answers to several scenarios and were taught to articulate their views through mini skits.

To help women become more confident and discerning, they were given extremely simple issues regarding everyday life and instructed to express their opinions on these topics using elocution for one minute each. This was all accomplished using play-way approach to maximize effect and involvement.

It was exciting for them to have met new friends from different hamlets, to have been able to express their views and learn various forms of expression through the training. The training program aimed to foster cross-cultural understanding and promote self-expression. It encouraged participants to share their perspectives and learn various modes of communication, fostering empathy and breaking down barriers between different hamlets. By providing a platform for dialogue and exploration, the program aimed to create a more inclusive and tolerant society.

Motivation Program for Adolescent Girls to Be Stress-Free:

SARVAM organized a motivational class for the college students who are pursuing their graduation in various colleges on 26th January 2024

There was a need to reduce the strain on college girls and help them manage their stress.  These pupils are primarily worried out about their studies and their inability to manage the other gender.  Most students do not know how to deal with stress and emotions, which causes many problems in their personal and academic lives. To address this issue, Sarvam worked with several volunteers to assist college-bound ladies in effectively overcoming their emotions.

The session intended to explain how to use the correct emotion in the appropriate situation. The circumstances under which the pupils must overcome their emotions were outlined to them, which instilled a strong sense of confidence in all of them. certain of the pupils voiced certain questions to the trainers, which were explained, allowing the females to have complete clarity. At the end of the session, the girls stated that the session had significantly increased their confidence and praised the organizers for hosting such an outstanding event at such a critical time.

Republic day Celebrations:

To commemorate Republic Day on 26th January, Sarvam organized a special program for around 1000 students. Republic Day celebrations hold great significance as they commemorate the adoption of the Indian Constitution, which granted the citizens of India a democratic form of government.

These celebrations highlight the values and principles of the Constitution, such as equality, justice, and liberty, and serve as a reminder of the rights and freedoms that every individual possesses. It also provides an opportunity for the students to understand and appreciate the importance of a democratic system and the responsibilities that come with it.

All students enjoyed the Republic Day speech, drawings, poster creation, stories about the national leaders, and dance.

The program organized by Sarvam provided students with a deep understanding of the meaning and significance of Republic Day. By participating in special ceremonies, learning about the Constitution, and understanding the values it upholds, the students developed a profound appreciation for the principles of democracy. This knowledge inspired them to become more responsible and active citizens, fostering a sense of civic duty and a commitment to upholding the ideals of a democratic system.

Cervix Cancer Awareness program:

“Prevention is better than cure,” as the adage goes.  Awareness is more vital in today’s environment for prevention.

As part of their health initiative, SARVAM organized a one-day Cervical Cancer Awareness programme on 22nd January 2024 for the women in Poothurai village. The main objective of this programme was to create much-needed awareness amongst all the village women regarding cancer, which is very common nowadays.

World cervical cancer awareness month is a global healthcare event observed for the entire month of January every year, its aim to raise awareness of cervical cancer globally.

Various international and local groups have joined together to raise awareness of cervical cancer through multiple campaigns and activities to emphasise the importance of early cervical cancer diagnosis, treatment, and preventive recommendations.

This year, 2024, the Cervical Health Awareness Month Theme is “Learn. Prevent. Screen”. The theme emphasizes the necessity of educating people with knowledge about minimizing cervical cancer risks and the life-saving importance of regular screenings.

People who live in cities are more alert because they are constantly exposed to media and other information. Women in villages are typically frightened and do not leave their houses, and their lack of access to fundamental information has a negative impact on their health.  Cervical and uterine cancer are frequent among women nowadays, and a lack of information about them can end in mortality.

Given all of this information, SARVAM produced this cervical cancer awareness campaign. Approximately 100 women from diverse areas took part in this and benefited.

The trainer discussed cervical cancer, as well as other types of cancer, and how to conquer the sickness. She stated that there are numerous natural methods for diagnosing cancer that do not require any tests. Even the intelligent folks in attendance found this to be new information.  More importantly, the expense of taking these tests is considerable, which is why many people are hesitant to undergo them.

She also displayed several basic ways for diagnosing cancer at home. Her recommendations included foods that can help prevent cancer.

She emphasized that cleanliness and adequate hygiene are essential for preventing cancer.   The procedures for keeping the environment and oneself clean to avoid cancer were explained.

She provided detailed information on the many cancer screening tests available, as well as how and where they might be performed.

This programme was really beneficial to the women, and the sessions were delivered in a participatory manner. Because the trainer has over 20 years of experience working with patients, she conducted the lessons in a participatory manner, which was extremely beneficial to the women’s understanding of the disease. The women expressed further concerns, which the doctor addressed.

The women in attendance described the workshop as enlightening and beneficial to them on a large scale.

Educational Tour for Students:

On January 28, 2024, an instructional excursion was scheduled for Around 500 pupils aged 10 to 15. The primary goal of this educational excursion was to raise awareness among students about some of the archaeological temple buildings and bird sanctuary, among other things. The excursion also aimed to introduce the pupils to major locations mentioned in their textbooks.

All the students first visited the famous Thiruvaiyavur temple. They were asked to explore the incredible architectural beauty of the temple. The Thiruvaiyavur temple holds great historical significance as it is one of the oldest temples in Tamil Nadu, India. The temple’s rich history and cultural value make it a valuable place to visit for students will provide them with a deeper understanding of the region’s rich religious heritage.

Next the students visited to Vedanthangal is an asylum of thousands of birds near Chennai. Ambience and climate were beautiful and that made everyone forget their presence.

The visit allowed the children to learn more about the birds’ names and the species to which they belong.

Coordinators assisted the pupils by explaining more about the birds they encountered for the first time. All of the students played, sang songs, and had a good time there without troubling others. Even spectators were ecstatic when they saw a bus full of students singing and performing. It was an unforgettable moment for students to enjoy a good time with friends while learning about different civilizations, cultures, and history.

Sports day competition for Students:

Organized sports are undervalued in villages, and youngsters are not given enough opportunities to play and develop their athletic interests. Students are persuaded to believe that sports are irrelevant, and they are constantly urged, and even compelled, to focus on their studies. This causes most kids to lose interest in sports, and the majority of them will never be able to play any sport efficiently. However, SARVAM believes in an education curriculum that addresses all aspects—mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical. As a result, the organization encourages all pupils in the villages to participate in sports and even offers training for various sports with the support of skilled sports teachers.

Sarvam organized an outdoor sports and athletic competition for students at Eraiyur School as part of a week-long event. Around 450 students ranging in age from 11 to 16 years old took part in the athletic events.

Sports Day promotes physical health and combats concerns such as obesity and sedentary behaviour by encouraging active involvement in sports. Team sports teach pupils teamwork, cooperation, and solidarity, which transfer to academics and future employment.

Several age-appropriate athletic activities were participated in by the students with great enthusiasm The students participated in activities such as relay races, kabaddi matches, Volleyball shootouts, and long jump competitions. They showed great enthusiasm and energy in these activities, fostering a sense of teamwork and healthy competition. Participating in age-appropriate athletic activities improves students’ physical fitness by providing them with regular exercise and a chance to develop their motor skills. These activities also promote cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles and bones, and enhance overall endurance. Additionally, engaging in physical activities fosters a healthy lifestyle and reduces the risk of obesity and related health issues. Seeing the children’ enthusiasm, a few teachers joined with them in the sports competition.

In the athletic competitions, prizes were awarded to the winning students Receiving a prize for winning an athletic competition can have a significant impact on students’ motivation. It not only recognizes their hard work and achievements, but it also boosts their confidence and desire to continue competing. The recognition that comes with a prize for winning can serve as extrinsic motivation, inspiring students to strive for excellence and push their limits.

Some of the students competed in numerous activities and earned prizes. Some of the pupils, although not winning prizes, stated that they had a terrific time playing in a beautiful stadium.

All pupils participated in events such as 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 1500 relay, shot put, long jump, and a variety of other activities. Each event was done in a timely and disciplined manner, allowing kids to learn more about the athletic events. Students were given snacks, meals, and health beverages, which allowed them to participate in all of the exercises with excitement and strength.

It’s a fantastic and memorable day for both the students and the SARVAM organizers and coordinators. It is now hoped that everyone

Sports program to Volunteers:

There were about 40 women participants in the sports and skill-games program organized by Sarvam Volunteers and staff members Participating in sports and skill games offers numerous benefits. It helps in improving cardiovascular health, enhancing physical endurance, and boosting overall fitness levels. It also promotes teamwork, increases self-confidence, and develops important life skills such as problem-solving and strategy.

Throughout the games programs, all the women participated very happily, and they were treated in the same way as children were. Promoting gender equality in sports has several benefits. It encourages girls and women to confidence and empowerment, breaking down barriers and stereotypes. It also fosters inclusivity and diversity, creating a more equitable society where everyone has equal opportunities to succeed.

Additionally, it promotes physical and mental health, encourages active living, and helps create a stronger foundation for Olympic teams.

This program was very well received and more programs like it should be conducted. Participants expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to learn games from such knowledgeable sport masters and engage in meaningful skill games. Many mentioned how inspired they were by the insights and stress-free mind gained throughout the program, and that it provided valuable insights and networking opportunities. Overall, the program was deemed a huge success and left participants eager for more such events in the future.


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