SARVAM’s gesture of solidarity and brotherhood in Karasanur

Date: 04-Jan-2021

Location: Karasanur, Pondicherry

SARVAM, the rural development wing of Sri Aurobindo Society is working in more than 60 villages for their Digital Financial Literacy project that is funded by the LTFS, Mumbai. The project is going on effectively for the second year with more beneficiaries with the help of Digital Sakhis and Coordinators in each village.

Karasanur is one of the venture villages where we have active participation in the Digital Financial project. A week ago, unfortunately, 15 huts had caught fire and there was a huge loss to property. But for the life of the people, almost all were in ashes.

The families were transported to the government buildings for shelter.

The digital sakhis of this village had requested SARVAM to intervene and so help these struggling families.  With no further delays, SARVAM took control of the situation and managed to give groceries and the basic requirement to each family that was worth Rs. 1000/-. The pack contained Bedsheets, Umbrella, Utensils and furthermore a couple of food supplies. The families were exceptionally glad and expressed gratitude toward SARVAM for their ideal assistance.

Even during the distribution of the kits, all the COVID-19 safety protocols were followed. All the people were asked to maintain social distancing and also were advised to wear face masks. They were also asked to sanitize their hands before receiving the kits. Body temperature was checked before entering the premises.

The programme went on well and all the people thanked SARVAM wholeheartedly.  Help in need is a help indeed, this is what many coordinators heard the beneficiaries say.


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