Soft toys training for the rural women

Date: 28-Dec-2021

Location: Puducherry

SARVAM in association with RSETI, Villupuram provided training for making soft toys to around 35 women. This training took place for 13 days and it was inaugurated by the RSETI Director. The objective of this training was to make these 35 women economically strong and learn new skills to improve their living standards.

The trainer provided practical training for the women which helped them to learn the art of making toys easily. Step by step process was taught to the women with the help of hands-on training and they were asked to practice the same. The nuances of making soft toys were taught meticulously and all of them learned the skills with utmost interest.

Toys like teddy, babies, elephants, and various different toys were done by women whose standards were equivalent to the ones available in the markets.  The women were very happy and confident to see them.

Along with this training, these women were also trained on leadership skills, marketing, and the art of promoting their products in the market. This helped them to learn how to market their products and earn more income.

One trainee said, “All of us were dependent on other family members even for our basic needs.  But with this training, the scenario has changed.  We are now independent and a step further we can support our families also.  This makes us happier and more confident.  Thanks to SARVAM for all their efforts.”


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