Digital Sakhi set up E-Seva Kendras

Date: 14-Jan-2022

Location: Poothurai

SARVAM in association with LTFS has been successfully conducting Digital Financial Literacy projects for the last 3 years since 2018 in more than 60 villages. Nearly 100 digital sakhis have been trained meticulously in all aspects related to digital transactions and they in turn have been training more than a lakh of people in their villages to involve in online and digital transactions.

As a part of the sustainability part of the project, 30 digital sakhis have been selected and have been trained to set up an E- Seva Kendra in their villages which will help the people to get all the e-services in their villages. Practical training was provided to these 30 digital sakhis by expert trainers who are currently running the E-Service Centers successfully for the last 10 years. This training gave these digital sakhis an overall awareness and knowledge on setting up the e-service centers.

As a first step, 8 digital sakhis have started their E-Service Centers on 14th January 2022. The village panchayat leaders and counselors inaugurated the E-Service Centers which was the first of its kind in these villages.

Each E-Service Center was given equipment such as computers, all in one printer with the support of LTFS. Internet connections and various other things that are crucial for setting up the E-Service Centers were arranged by the concerned digital sakhi. Digital sakhis were also trained on the effective usage of these types of equipment.

Though the digital sakhis are visiting the people every day to impart training for the villagers, some of the schemes such as E-Shram are much more difficult for the people in villages to get registered. All our digital sakhis first provide them awareness and then also help them in registering the scheme in the E-Service Centers. Many other services are being done in the E-Service Centers by getting a subsidized amount from the people.

These E-Service Centers are very useful for the people and they will be getting all the services in their villages itself and they need not go out of their villages to get their works done.

The remaining 22 digital sakhis will also set up their E-Service Centers very soon and all will have jobs in hand and will be able to be sustainable.


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