ToT – Training Program for Auro Sakhis

Date: 18-Jun-2022

Location: Society House

Malnutrition refers to the population of a particular geographical area suffering from a balanced diet in which some nutrients are in excess, lacking or in the wrong proportion. It is said that more than one-third of the world’s malnourished children live in India. Among these, half of them are below three years. They are underweight and suffer from undernourishment-related diseases.

In order to address this burning issue, SARVAM started the nutrition program to enable women and children to improve the nutrition of their communities through awareness. Around 25 Auro Sakhis participated in this training programme.

Understanding Nutrition

One of the gaps in addressing undernutrition is that organizations and practitioners in various sectors are unaware of their work being linked with nutrition. SARVAM is trying to address these issues by creating awareness in the community.

While it is essential to focus on pregnant women and infants, it is also critical to target school children in their pre-adolescent and early adolescent years. This training opened a threshold shaping their lifetime habits, impacting their health. This initiative will work to transform the community by improving the nutrition of the school children, families, and communities.

The training programme commenced with 25 Auro Sakhis participating in it. A highly experienced trainer conducted the training, and the session was very interactive. With a motto of ‘Everyone a Change maker’, this programme also aimed to cultivate change-making abilities in children and women. This training will help improve the nutritional status of the Auro Sakhis and their families.

The training also focused on improving physical and mental health and sanitation in the surrounding areas. All Auro Sakhis went back intending to create a healthy future for their communities.


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