SARVAM Summer Camp – 2022

Date: 15-May-2022

Location: 12 various villages

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SARVAM Summer Camp 2022 in a Nutshell 

  • 700 students representing 12 villages
  • 20 professional trainers, 25 SARVAM coordinators and over 50 volunteers from the various villages
  • Over 6 hours were spent in the camp every day
  • More than ten activities including Ethics, Yoga, Art & Craft, Life skills, Language, Computer, Storytelling, Public speaking, Music, Dance, Drama, Puzzles, sports and skill activities
  • 13th successful year of SARVAM summer camp

Objectives of Summer Camp

  • Providing the opportunity for children to gain self-confidence, as well as new skills – ethics & life skills, character building & attitudinal change
  • Offering English language classes in activity methods with fun & laughter
  • Engaging students in various sports, workshops, and cultural activities
  • Providing at least two complete days and two partial days of exposure visits

Pre-Camp Report | April 22

· The coordinators, staff, and volunteers prepared themselves for two weeks before the camp began, including choosing the right place in the villages with a suitable environment for the program.

· SARVAM focussed on specific skills needed at summer camp and stressed the need to protect and guide students from vulnerable backgrounds during this orientation period.

· Coordinators were provided with detailed information about the camp and opportunities to create relationships and trust in the community.

· Coordinators were chosen based on their skills, maturity, and emotional stability. About 50% have attended the camp before, and the rest were new to the camp.

Despite coming from different villages, they had one thing in common: taking care of the students would be a priority. They will need to work together as a team.

Camp Report | May 22

As usual, SARVAM has set its footprints firm in their 13th Summer Camp. For almost four weeks, the presenters, organizers, volunteers and parents provided a fun and engaging experience for about 700 students, many of whom were attending the camp from the new villages.

Every year SARVAM Summer Camp provides an opportunity to children in the age group of 8 to 17. These camps help them learn new skills, character – and discipline-building exercises, art forms, sporting and gaming activities, outdoor trips, spiritual knowledge, handicrafts, some stimulating and intellectual games and other extracurricular activities.

The two sessions spanned over four weeks and 12 different village locations. More than 50 volunteers from the villages helped in the camps, along with 20 professional trainers and 25 SARVAM coordinators. As always with the Divine’s Grace, the camp’s success entirely depended on the full engagement of the students and the community!

With COVID-19 restrictions at par, the children enjoyed the sessions despite the hot weather.

Morning sessions were used for developing soft skills like character building, English language, arts, crafts, proverbs, storytelling, quotes from the good people and computer skills. Afternoon sessions were engaged with cultural, sports and skill game activities. These sessions were skillfully led by trainers from Coimbatore, Chennai, Tindivanam, Villupuram and Pondicherry, keeping the students engaged with fun learning activities.

Knowing that the students are going through the difficulties of COVID-19, this year’s character-building sessions were given much more importance.

Exposure Visits

Among the most anticipated activities of the summer camp was the exposure visit to the Art and Craft village, where students experienced directly and also had the opportunity to interact with various skilled professionals, being surrounded by greenery and being engulfed in natural beauty.

The students were very excited, and the most fun they had was in the green area, Terracotta Park, and amphitheatre. Indeed, it was a great day for all the students and teachers.  The students also visited Samayapuram, the famous temple, and enjoyed the ancient sculptures.


The children’s responses measure the programs’ success – and the enthusiasm and joy they felt every day in the camp. Many very experienced trainers remarked that they had never seen this level of discipline and engagement among rural children.

Furthermore, with the motivation and support they receive through programs such as the SARVAM’s Summer Camp, many of them will be able to realize their dreams. It will significantly benefit their day-to-day lives, future, and rural parents and villagers. Rural parents and villagers were also delighted to have this as it will help them daily.


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