International Environmental Day Celebrations 2022

Date: 06-Jun-2022

Location: Satyam, village community centre, Poothurai

Every year, World Environment Day is observed on June 5. This day is celebrated to encourage awareness and environmental protection. According to United Nations, “The celebration of this day provides us with an opportunity to broaden the basis for an enlightened opinion and responsible conduct by individuals, enterprises, and communities in preserving and enhancing the environment.”

The theme for this year’s celebration is ‘Only One Earth. ‘To commemorate the occasion, more than 150 countries are slated to host environmentally-themed events as a part of an annual celebration of the Earth that dates back to 1973.

Since “Environmental Day” is an annual international event celebrated around the world on June 5 to demonstrate support for environmental protection, it is a great time for awareness-generation, educational and action-oriented activities for environmental learning, and highlighting examples and ways to ‘go green’ by engaging the students in everyday activities to make their surroundings pollution-free and eco-friendly.

On June 6, SARVAM conducted an awareness programme for the 125 students on Environmental Day through the village community centre activities. The trainers explained the importance of Earth – the only planet where life is possible – and being environment-friendly. The aim was to sensitize the students towards their role in addressing global environmental challenges at the grass-root level.

The students commemorated the day through conversations, role-plays, skits, and painting. They created posters and banners to create awareness among the people in the village. The sessions also allowed the students to practice their English language skills.


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