Workshop on Managing Anger in Everyday Life

Start Date: 22-Aug-2022  End Date: 24-Aug-2022

Location: Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai

Anger is causing increasing problems at the family and societal level in the current political climate. Auro Sakhis & coordinators work with all age groups of village people, including children and the aged. Considering this, SARVAM conducted a three-day ToT workshop on anger management for 25 Auro Sakhis & coordinators.

The training focused on symptoms of anger and basic methods of handling it. Furthermore, the trainer pointed out how anger can be a sign of depression and how it will create problems for a long time in life.

Discussions in groups guided the participants on why some people get angry so quickly and the difficulties they face. Participants discussed many real stories during the training as well. In addition to examples, the trainer provided stories illustrating anger’s effects.

Participants shared their personal stories of anger and the losses resulting from it. A discussion also took place about how anger varies from person to person, and all participants realized that anger merely creates negative thoughts and emotions.

During the discussion, participants shared some simple techniques they go through when they get angry, which helped them better understand how to control their emotions.

As part of the program, the trainer suggested simple methods such as breathing exercises, yoga, calming down, reading books, listening to music, watching nature, and walking to control anger.

During the training session, the trainer stressed the importance of teaching children this skill so that they will use them for the rest of their lives.

In addition to earning confidence in controlling anger through practice, everyone found this training very helpful.

Anger quotes from the Mother were taken and discussed with everyone on how it helps in their daily lives. Everyone expressed that the quotes from the Mother about anger helped them see anger in a different light and the importance of controlling it.

In this workshop, participants expressed that more workshops like this, which focus on values, would be beneficial to their peaceful lives.

After the workshop, the participants expressed gratitude to the Mother and the facilitators.


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