Capacity-building programme for teachers on child safety

Date: 18-Aug-2022

Location: Online

Associating with Shanthi Ashram for many years, Sarvam is involved with its activities. Shanthi Ashram organized an online ToT programme for teachers on 18th August 2022 on capacity building on child safety. This online training programme aims to motivate the teachers on a practical and participative approach to the children and successfully bring up the children. Around 15 teachers from SARVAM project villages participated in this online training and learned valuable aspects.

A substantial portion of the training focused on the elements of effective and ethical child participation and the teacher’s role in guiding children to confident participation.

Initially, the trainer conducted an interactive session with all the teachers, and she provided solutions to overcome any issues they were facing with the children.

As part of her presentation, the trainer discussed how teachers should behave when the children. The trainer also explained the teacher’s role in the child’s success. During the discussion, she encouraged all the teachers to ask questions and clear any doubts they may have. Additionally, it enabled participants to share their ideas.

The next point of discussion was Child Rights. The children’s rights were elucidated to the teachers. They were asked to pass on this information to the children, so they are also aware of their rights.

This programme was conducted for 2 hours, and this was much useful for all the teachers. Being an interactive session was a great boon because it helped them be active and participatory.

After the program, feedback was asked from all the teachers who attended the training from SARVAM. Several of them commented that this program was an eye-opener for them as they were able to gain a better understanding of how to handle children with the right attitudes. They also requested that many such programs be organized in the future.


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