Awareness Programme on Poverty Eradication

Date: 17-Oct-2021

Location: Satyam Community Centre, Villupuram

An awareness programme on poverty eradication was organized for the students of all the villages that come under the purview of SARVAM. The main objective of this programme was to help the students understand that they have a major role in eradicating poverty in their families as well as in society.  The students were very happy to attend this session that gave them much motivation and self-confidence.

All the students were explained the significance behind observing the World Poverty Eradication Day that is observed 17th of October all over the world.

All the students were educated about poverty that persists in almost all the countries of the world and how this influences the economy of the countries.

Students were asked to discuss among themselves the different methods that would help in the eradication of poverty in their village. All the students sat with their group members and came out with their ideas for eradicating poverty. The key aspect that was highlighted was the importance of education in eradicating poverty. All the students were motivated to study well and get good quality education which is the only way to eradicate poverty.

Examples about leaders who are in higher positions because of their education were shared with the students.  This motivated the students and they vowed to study well to eradicate poverty.  Towards the end of the session, the students clearly understood how education will bring in a change in the society and its economic status.

Towards the end of the session, all the students were asked to stand and take an oath that they will play a major role in eradicating poverty not only in their family but also in their village and India.

All the COVID protocols were followed during the program.


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