Demonstration Programme On Fashion designing


Location:Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai, Villupuram


Sarvam in Association with Inner Wheel club of Pondicherry, organized a demonstration programme for Fashion Technology with Singer Tailoring Machine for the women who are actively participating in the tailoring activities. Many women were provided with skill trainings in tailoring and this programme has helped them learn more about fashion designing of dress materials.  It is noteworthy to say that many women of these villages are earning money by doing tailoring from their house.

This demonstration programme aimed in introducing new technologies which can make the work of the tailors easy. Usually women will have to be very much skilled to stitch dress materials properly and they will have to put lots of human effort to stitch, but this machine makes the work easy and simple because of its new features.

The trainer said that this new machine will be easy to handle and very less effort is needed to operate them.  The productivity of the machine was much higher than compared to the ones the women are using now.  With little effort they can stitch more easily in the new machine. The most interesting point is, even if women do not know much about tailoring, they can do lots of wonders with this machine because of various options that are available.

He said that this tailoring machine can stitch any type of design in the dress. He taught the women how to choose the options and stitch the required design. He also added that colors can also be chosen from the machine and it can choose its required colour of thread that is needed. He also said that this machine will automatically insert the thread in the needle and this will help many elderly people who have hand-eye coordination issues.

More than 75 women attended this demonstration programme and learnt tips and tricks to improve their tailoring productivity.  They felt that their long wait has been answered by the introduction of this new Singer Tailoring Machine.


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