Empowering Rural Adolescent Girls through Goal-Setting Workshops


Location:Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai









SARVAM consistently conducts impactful soft skill sessions for rural adolescent girls, fostering personal development. A recent motivational workshop at Satyam, Poothurai, catered to 30 such girls, focusing on goal setting and achievement.

Beyond simply setting smart goals, the workshop guided students in developing actionable plans, a crucial skill for those from rural backgrounds who may struggle to articulate their ambitions. To address low motivation levels, a visualization activity was incorporated, enabling students to introspect and share their dreams.

Motivational stories served as a powerful tool to inspire success. Recognizing potential challenges, the trainer emphasized the distinction between goals and daily improvements. The deliberate process involves identifying a goal, skill, or project, devising a plan, and taking action.

The trainer stressed that goal-setting enhances motivation, engagement, and creates a vision for a fulfilling life. Establishing goals fuels ambition, expedites success, and yields tangible outcomes. Engaging games and stories left the girls invigorated, instilling a strong determination to pursue their objectives. SARVAM remains committed to empowering and inspiring rural communities through targeted skill-building initiatives.


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