Juggling Demonstrations and Training

Date: 13-Apr-2023

Location: Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai

At the Satyam Community Centre, around 25 adolescent boys and girls aged 17 to 20 participated in a juggling demonstration and training.

Juggling is a game of keeping three or more objects, such as balls, in the air simultaneously by throwing them one at a time, catching them quickly, and trying to deal with two or more important jobs or activities at the same time. Juggling leads to improved hand-eye coordination, bimanual dexterity, focused concentration, goal-setting skills, problem-solving skills, and delayed gratification.

A demo training of juggling for 25 students belonging to SARVAM was conducted. The demo results were very positive, with most of the students indicating that they had improved their juggling skills.

The students were exposed to this new technique for the first time. They were motivated to practice this well. They were eager to learn, asking questions and trying to understand the concepts. They quickly became more confident and were able to take on challenging tasks. They were encouraged by the trainer’s guidance and support, as well as the positive feedback they received from their peers. By the end of the class, they had a strong foundation and were ready to continue their journey with the new skill.

The trainer showed them how to make the balls with the simplest things available. The trainer also showed them how to practice the technique individually. Students were encouraged to practice to master this skill. The trainer said that with enough practice, skills would develop, and students would become experts in ball-making and juggling.

The feedback from the students was also very positive, with many expressing an interest in continuing to practice their juggling skills. The students also enjoyed learning from each other, and the atmosphere was positive. The demo was a success overall.

As the session ended with a question-and-answer session, the students requested more such training be provided, and they assured they would do so, as well as train the younger students. SARVAM agreed to offer more sessions in the future and thanked the students for their enthusiasm. They also encouraged the students to keep practising and learning on their own.


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