Workshop on Theatre Skills

Date: 13-Apr-2023

Location: Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai

Around twenty AuroSakhis attended theatre skills training at the Satyam Community Centre to teach the children. The theatre skills will help in enhancing the extracurricular skills of the AuroSakhis. They will use these skills to teach the students.

The practice included improvisation and role-playing exercises. This allowed them to explore their creativity. It also helped them to become more confident and comfortable speaking in front of a group audience.

All the AuroSakhis learnt the skills enthusiastically. Theatre games were given using activities like Family Portrait and Communication Chain, play with props etc., to develop essential skills such as focus, listening, cooperation, and improvisation. The AuroSakhis gained valuable skills and built their self-esteem through the whole-day activities. They felt that this training helped them to develop their personality further.

Everyone enjoyed watching the others perform. Furthermore, pair practice, activities without language, and quick work-in-silence activities encouraged the participants to participate eagerly.

Each emphasized how they would teach the children and make them feel more confident at the summer camp. They also promised to provide a safe and fun environment for the kids and will motivate the children to learn and grow in their knowledge and skills.


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