Palliative Care Training for SARVAM Volunteers


Location:Society House









Approximately 37 SARVAM volunteers recently completed palliative care training led by Dr. Mohan Raja from Sanjeevan, the palliative care division of Sri Aurobindo Society. This training covered various aspects of palliative care, including emotional and spiritual support, pain management, navigating healthcare systems, and respecting patients’ wishes during end-of-life stages.

Key training highlights:

Volunteers learned to provide emotional and spiritual assistance to patients and their families.

Practical techniques for offering physical comfort, such as

massages and pain management, were covered.

Volunteers were educated on hospice and palliative care services and how to refer patients to additional resources.

The training emphasized the importance of respecting patients’ preferences during their final days and providing post-patient passing support to families.

Communication skills were a focal point, helping volunteers better understand patients’ needs and emotions.

Feedback from participants:

Volunteers appreciated the communication skills training, as it enhanced their ability to connect with patients.

They reported increased confidence in supporting their village’s palliative care patients.

The training facilitated networking among volunteers, fostering valuable relationships.

Despite their relative inexperience, volunteers expressed readiness to assist palliative care patients in their communities.


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