Women Celebrate National Nutrition Week


Location:12 Project Villages









Over 300 women participated in the nutrition awareness programme conducted by SARVAM in 12 villages as part of National Nutrition Week celebrations.

Every year, Nutrition Week is observed from September 1 to 7. This week-long event aims to educate people about the significance of balanced diets, adequate nutrition, and the impact of the right food choices on improving overall physical and mental health.

More than 300 women participated in the nutrition awareness programmes organized by SARVAM in 12 villages. The programme aimed to educate the women about the importance of nutritious food and how to prepare them.

It also focused on the health benefits of a balanced diet. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with many participants expressing appreciation for the initiative.

The facilitators engaged the women in activities like drawing, games, and group discussions. The goal was to encourage creativity and collaboration among the participants. Everyone had a chance to express their ideas and contribute to the debate.

The participants enjoyed the event and planned to meet monthly to discuss food and nutrition. These discussions will focus on healthy eating habits and their connections to physical and mental well-being.

The women also discussed the importance of self-care and how to have a balanced lifestyle.

The programme was well-received and had a positive effect on the participants. Many of them agreed to adopt a healthier lifestyle. They said they would start making dietary changes based on their received information. The event was a great success, and more such initiatives were planned for the future.

Healthy snacks were distributed. The meetings ended with a commitment to meet once a month to share experiences and encourage each other.



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