National Nutrition Week Celebrations


Location:15 Project Villages









SARVAM organised a drawing programme for around 400 students from the 15 project villages in the National Nutrition Week celebrations.

National Nutrition Week was first recognised in India in 1982, when the government launched several initiatives to motivate, create awareness, and educate people about healthy nutrition and its association with good health and longevity.

The programme organised by SARVAM focused on developing the strength and energy levels of the children and instilling nourishing foods in their minds.

It also included Nutrition Awareness, the Key to a Healthy Nation, activities, and Games for the children to promote nutrition awareness through the drawing programme. The programme was focused on educating the children on the importance of nutrition and physical activity.

It also aimed to understand better the food pyramid and its role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The programme was a success, with the children showing enthusiasm and engagement.

The children learned about the benefits of a healthy diet and the importance of physical activity. Furthermore, the children better understood the healthy food pyramid and how to incorporate it into their lives properly.

They discussed the importance of making wise food choices and the benefits of a balanced diet. They also learned about the nutrients and vitamins in different food types.

In the end, students were given healthy snacks and asked to eat only healthy foods, not junk foods.


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