Refreshment Training for Cooridnators

Date: 17-Feb-2021

Location: Satyam Training Centre, Villupuram

SARVAM organized a refreshment training for the 17 Coordinators in Satyam Training Centre at Poothurai village for 3 days from 18th February to 20th February 2021. Due to the pandemic, trainings and programmers were not organized for the coordinators and for more than 10 months, all were working sincerely from their homes and their spirit was less since they were not able to meet each other.

On the first day, all the coordinators met each other and shared how they spent their time during the pandemic. Various problems which they faced and the manner in which they overcame the problems were explained by all the coordinators and it helped each other. Secondly, they discussed how prayer and spirituality helped them to be happy and successful during the lockdown.  The importance of spiritual life and its strength was shared by each one of them.

During the training, all the coordinators divided themselves in groups and enacted role plays. They also involved in games which helped them to carry out their concepts easily to others.

On the second day, the importance of communication was discussed. During the pandemic, the coordinators met the people virtually and they shared the problems they had faced while interacting virtually with beneficiaries. The need for assertive communication was explained in detail and all were asked to enhance their communication skills. Games, role plays and group activities were conducted which explained the significance of communication skill. Coordinators were educated about the importance of effective communication and the problems they might face if they are unable to communicate effectively.

On the third day, emphasis was given to leadership skills. The role of a good leader and attributes of good leadership qualities were discussed with the help of videos and role plays. Each coordinators is a leader of a team and if for them to be successful, they must have strong leadership skills.  Some tasks were conducted to bring out the leadership skills of the coordinators and all of them participated enthusiastically.

Finally, a feedback session was conducted and all the coordinators said that the 3-day training was very useful and it has instilled confidence amongst all of them. After a dry 10 months’ lockdown, this training has helped them to learn new aspects which will be helpful in their works. They requested to organize refreshment trainings at least once in six months and thanked SARVAM for their efforts.


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