Refreshment Training Programme for Digital Sakhis

Start Date:21-Oct-2019

End Date:23-Oct-2019

Location:Satyam Campus, Poothurai Village, Villupuram

Sarvam in association with L&T Financial Services has been executing the Digital Financial Literacy Programme in more than 30 villages located in the Villupuram District of Tamil Nadu.

The main objective of this project is to provide awareness on Digital Financial Literacy to the women in various villages and help them to involve in cashless transactions and also help them to make utmost use of technology for various purposes especially in cashless transactions.

For carrying out this project, 50 Digital Sakhis were selected from various project villages and intensive trainings were provided to them to create awareness amongst the village people regarding the Digital Financial Literacy.  The Digital Sakhis were effectively using their training for the last 6 months.  This refreshment training programme was conducted for them to reiterate what they have learnt and to analyse their level of understanding the digital transactions.  This training programme was conducted for three days from 21st October to 23rd October 2019 in Satyam Training Centre, Poothurai Village.  Around 50 Digital Sakhis and 15 village coordinators participated in this refreshment training programme.

The main objective of this training programme was to help the Digital Sakhis recall their modules that they are practicing now. During the training, all the four modules were once again explicated in a nutshell to the Digital Sakhis. The 3rd module was given more priority and the Digital Sakhis were entertained to ask questions and asked to clarify their doubts regarding all the modules.

The Refreshment Training Programme included group discussions, paper presentations, roleplays and some videos on related to the training were shown.  There was great enthusiastic participation from the digital sakhis as well as the village coordinators.

All the Digital Sakhis shared their experiences with each other and motivated each other to perform better. They also shared various problems that they faced in the villages and the refreshment training helped the Digital Sakhis to get better solutions for their problems.

The session also helped them in developing their leadership skills.  Qualities of a good leader, the role of a leader in crisis management were all explained in great detail to the Digital Sakhis, who are in the process of becoming great leaders for their villages.

During the 3-day training, Digital Sakhis were also trained on submission of E-Reports. Though intensive trainings programmes have already been done on filling up of the Google Forms, the Digital Sakhis had some doubts that were clarified during this session.

On the last day of the refreshment training, the Digital Sakhis were taken to a short trip which included a visit to the temple and a mall. In the mall, they put into practice their digital financial skills.  This trip served many purposes some among them were it gave them a good exposure to the outside world and also helped them to relax and enjoy a lot.

The Digital Sakhis were happy and the trainers felt an enhancement in their self-confidence after attending this refreshment training. They went with self-assurance that they will perform better in the villages and create awareness amongst their fellow village members regarding Digital Financial Literacy.


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