EDP Training for Women Entrepreneurs


Location:SATYAM Centre, Poothurai Village, Villupuram District, Near Puducherry

Sarvam in association with L&T Financial Services has been helping the womenfolk of nearly 30 villages in and around Villupuram.  As an addition to their existing upliftment programmes, they have implemented Digital Financial Literacy programmes for the women entrepreneurs of more than 30 villages located in the Villupuram district of Tamilnadu.  The immediate objective of this programme is to provide awareness on Digital Financial Literacy to the women and bring in them the practice of making cashless transactions.  The gradual benefits of this training programme will be to enhance the women’s literacy level and to improve their individual ability in utilizing the digital devices and technology.

In this training programme, it was aimed at developing a cordial relationship with the bank and the financial institution to have the women entrepreneur’s money safe, using their money for their needs in the safest and secured methods and to be aware and extremely cautious about their financial identity.

As a part of this project, various trainings programmes to upskill the existing skills of the women entrepreneurs were conducted.  These included training on motivation, leadership, communication, and team building.  The participants gained the maximum out of these trainings.

In continuation to this training, Sarvam organized Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDP) for more than 500 women entrepreneurs from various villages.

All the Women Entrepreneurs were provided with upskills training and also EDP training was provided to all of them. The training focused on all aspects of improving the business right from planning for the business, investment, marketing, after sales service and various aspects that are related to the development of the business.

The trainees were divided in 12 batches and each bath comprised of 40 women entrepreneurs.  This phase of the training began from 14 Oct, 2019 and continued till 19 Oct, 2019.  Training for 7 batches in the first phase was successfully completed.  In the second phase, the training for the remaining 5 batches will be conducted.  As of now, more than 350 women entrepreneurs have been trained and 150 women entrepreneurs will be trained next week.

These training sessions, increased the existing level of confidence in the trainees.  The trainees said that they have learnt the nuances of enhancing their income and safeguarding their income.  Some of them had immediate plans of developing their business and taking them to the next level with the current training they received.

On hearing the feedback from the participants, the organisers felt that they are sure to achieve their goal sooner than expected.  These women entrepreneurs were being cheated by some because of their lack of knowledge on digital financial literacy.  Now that this knowledge has been imparted to them, they will handle their digital financial transactions cautiously and carefully and all by themselves.


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