SARVAM_LTFS Digital Financial Literacy Orientation Programme

Date :  15-Oct-2019
Location :  Satyam, Poothurai, Villupuram District

Sarvam in association with LTFS is implementing Digital Financial Literacy project in the villages of Vanur Block, Villupuram Dt, Tamilnadu.

This orientation programme that was conducted on Oct 15, 2019, was about the credit linkage for joint liability group and importance of livelihoods.

In accordance with this an orientation programme for the women entrepreneurs was conducted in the Satyam Campus, Poothurai village in which more than 400 aspiring women entrepreneurs from the surrounding 20 villages attended the programme and eventually got benefitted out of it.

The orientation was given by the Lead District Manager, the Senior Manager (Credit) and the Branch Manager of the Indian Bank. The main objectives of the orientation programme were to create awareness on the Credit Linkage for Joint Liability Group and also on the importance of livelihood.

Almost all the women entrepreneurs of Poothurai and the surrounding villages were seen in the centre and they were much enthused to attend the orientation programme.  They learnt ways and means to enhance their skills and business.

There are many government schemes for the upliftment of the women entrepreneurs, which the participants were ignorant about.  The team of trainers educated the women entrepreneurs about the various government schemes that are available and how best they can be utilised to upgrade their business and livelihood activities.

The intention of the programme was to imbibe in the participants a much-needed confidence that they can take their small business to the next level in the days to come and that was very much achieved.

At the end of the programmes, there was a very interactive question-answer session.  Many participants asked their doubts and the trainers from the Indian Bank were very patient in answering all the questions even though they were very simple and basic ones.

The orientation programme was much useful for the women entrepreneurs.  One could visibly see that confidence level of the participants had reached the next stage after attending the programme.


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