SARVAM Celebrates Independence Day

Date: 16-Aug-2023

Location: 12 project villages









Independence Day is exceptional in every Indian’s heart; it emphasises our country’s continued progress and celebrates beautiful years of freedom.

During the Independence Day celebrations from 9th August to 16th August, SARVAM organised activities in their 12 villages where more than 1000 people actively participated. The activities aimed to create awareness about the importance of freedom and the need to protect it. These activities included singing, oratory, painting competitions, rangoli, and skits about the history of India’s independence. People from all age groups participated in these activities and enjoyed the experience.

The programmes included sports, dance, and music activities, aimed to bring the communities together. Participants also enjoyed traditional food and shared stories of their experiences. The event was a huge success and brought joy to the participants.

All the people celebrated the 76th Independence Day of India with great enthusiasm and zeal, paying respect to the tricolour and singing the flag song. Participants performed heart-warming performances on national leaders and paid tribute to the soldiers of the Indian Army.

Below are the details on the Independence Day Celebrations

Students: Around 500 students participated in the celebrations. Various activities were conducted for the students, including drawing contests, essays, oratory, songs, dances, fancy dress etc. Plantations of saplings made the children proud. They walked around the campus with the national flag in a happy mood. As part of the celebrations, the students had also taken a pledge to protect and save the environment. They are now well aware of the importance of protecting the nation and preserving the earth.

Youth: Around 150 celebrated the Independence Day activities. Youth participated in discussing our freedom history, songs, and a fancy dress competition on Independence Day. They were holding lamps, and some planted saplings as a mark of patriotism. The event concluded with a national anthem, inspiring the youth to be responsible citizens. They vowed to work together to ensure the country’s progress and peace. The youth also discussed ways to protect and keep the environment clean. They also agreed to help the underprivileged in their own individual capacities. Finally, they promised to be the torchbearers for the country and work towards a better future.

Women: Around 300 women enthusiastically participated in the activities. With the relevance of Independence Day, group discussions, singing of national songs, a speech about women freedom fighters, and some games were conducted. Sapling plantation and lightning lamps made them very happy and proud, and they acted and dressed like freedom fighters. They were allowed to share their ideas and thoughts about patriotism and freedom. Ultimately, they pledged to work towards making India a better place. They felt empowered to be freedom fighters in their own way.

Vulnerable and Aged: Around 150 elderly and vulnerable people happily participated in the celebrations. Important aspects of the Independence Day celebrations included the involvement of the elderly and vulnerable. The senior citizens shared how the freedom struggle impacted their childhood days with the younger audience there. They also reminisce about how their lives have changed. The elders telling stories has been an annual tradition for many years, connecting the generations and allowing them to share stories and become more aware of the nation’s history. It is also a reminder of the importance of freedom and the sacrifices of those who fought for it.

Older adults dressed up as Bharat Madha danced to the Vande Mataram lyrics. This was a special event for them since they mostly lived alone. The event was a way for them to connect with their nation, their own heritage, and their neighbourhoods. It was a reminder of the joys of being alive and the importance of being part of a larger community.

Games Activities: For students, youth, women, and vulnerable, group activities were conducted, and all the games planned were unique. It was very much appreciated by the people in the villages who participated and who watched the programmes. They took selfies and uploaded in the app, which was given by the Government and received a certificate of appreciation for successfully uploading a selfie, and it is the initiative by the Ministry of Culture to mark the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav.

In total, the village people were very happy. They dedicatedly participated in the Independence Day activities in great patriotic fervour. It was a moment of patriotism and pride that they will never forget.

As a result of the independence day activities, women, aged people, youth, and children felt a great feeling of unity. The spirit of patriotism was seen everywhere. People were feeling proud of their culture, heritage, and their nation. They expressed their gratitude towards the freedom fighters who laid down their lives for the nation.

As a final note, everyone sang the National Anthem.


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