SARVAM participated in the 100 th Maan Ki Batt episode at Raj Nivas

Date: 30-Apr-2023

Location: Sharanam Training Centre/Raj Nivas

As per Directorate General Prasar Bharati’s advice, the 100th episode of Maan ki Batt was broadcast by Pudhiya Udayam Community Radio in Sharanam. More than 35 women and CRS representatives participated in this special program hosted by Raj Nivas, where the honourable Lt. Governor was the chief guest.

The 100th episode of Maan ki Batt featured stories from the lives of ordinary people and their struggles, successes, and achievements. It was an effort to give voice to the unheard and to inspire more women to follow their dreams.

“Mann Ki Baat” is a radio programme hosted by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. He addresses the nation on various topics of national and social importance. The programme has helped to promote the use of radio as a medium of communication and has boosted the radio sector. “Mann Ki Baat” achieved a significant milestone when its 100th episode was broadcasted on April 30, 2023, at 11 am.

All the community radio stations were invited by Prasar Bharati, Directorate General, AIR, to become a part of this historic event by live broadcasting of the 100th episode of “Mann Ki Baat” by availing of a free feed from All India Radio.

Furthermore, officials of the CRS were invited to attend the special screening of the 100th episode of Maan Ki Batt on the same day evening, at Raj Nivas, Puducherry, with the Honorable Lt. Governor.

Ms Poonguzhali participated on behalf of our community radio Station, which motivated the station. She was able to network and meet Honourable Governor and people from similar radio stations to exchange ideas on how to better serve our community. This motivated the station to continue its excellent work.


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